Victoria Redbard
Victoria Redbard has been named Australia's leading sexologist.

Victoria Redbard is a self-described "witch" and "entrepreneur" who has worked as a spiritual entrepreneur for over a decade.

Redbard, born in the UK, has been named Australia's leading sexologist.

While her red hair fits the fiery and mystical narrative, Redbard has worked in various roles and is renowned for her skills as a counsellor, speaker, matchmaker, researcher, open-relating expert, and author.

After studying tantra and sexuality in several countries across the globe, Redbard went on to become the founder of the Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy. This internationally accredited sex school sets out to educate those on the inner workings of a romantic relationship.

Speaking to International Business Times UK, Redbard said: "I discovered my spiritual side many years ago through yoga and meditation at the end of a bad relationship."

While she didn't always know she wanted to be an entrepreneur, the leading sexologist said she was inspired by different environments worldwide, including India and Brazil.

"I didn't know that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I did know I wanted time and location freedom as I started my travels when I was 19 and let go of my nine-to-five job," Redbard said.

In a bid to connect with other entrepreneurs, Redbard also hosts "F*ck Up Nights."

"We understand that the best entrepreneurs take the biggest risks and make mistakes fast and learn even faster," Redbard said, going on to note: "We want to be around more people who inspire us and encourage us to recognise that we don't need to avoid mistakes to succeed."

The "F*ck Up Nights" invites business leaders to gather and share their mistakes as CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs.

Regarding the most common mistakes shared by the leaders, Redbard revealed: "Most of the people's stories are not reading contracts, going into business with people who are immature and traumatised in some form or another."

One person told the crowd that they "had a crypto project going well, and then they got hacked," Redbard revealed. "Another guy, who has been bringing hemp to Australia, has a really strong vision to do hemp plastics and to get all of these CBD products over the line. They just had to deal with loads of different laws in different countries. They basically just had to deal with every kind of failure that you can imagine."

The leading sexologist said the networking talks also sourced her career as a spiritual matchmaker.

At the nightly event, "people often share how they are inspired by my relationship with my partner and asked if I would set them up," she added.

"So, I reached out on my Facebook page and grew a list of 500 people, women and men, wanting to be set up."

At first, Redbard said that her spiritual pairings were "based on feeling the individuals' nervous system to start with." Still, today, the leading sexologist explained that she has since learned how to "get a little more in-depth seeking peoples' astrology, interests and values."

According to a study published by Pew Research Centre, almost two-thirds, 64 per cent, of American adults think of themselves as spiritual. Nearly half, 40 per cent, of the psychic respondents said that spirituality was essential to their lives.

When pairing her clients together, Redbard also considers "what kind of realm their business is in" and focuses on finding "like-minded desires for impact."

With a large demographic to cater for, Redbard recalled: "I think that spiritual entrepreneurs need to experience more authentic connections quickly to stay inspired."

"This is what I'm offering now through an app called Lua, which is less focused on small talk and allows for deeper, more soul-nourishing conversations to occur with ease."

Redbard's most recent venture is Yoni Elixir, an organic lubricant for women.

"It's important for a woman to connect to their body wisdom through sensuality to allow for more of their inner compass to guide their life," the leading sexologist said, going on to explain: "When a woman is turned on, she trusts her instinct and intuition which keeps her health, body, and heart in alignment with her highest truth."

According to Redbard, spirituality dramatically impacts a person's romantic life and allows them to "have a clearer sense of who they are and where they are going."

"When someone has a spiritual path, it anchors them to the deeper meaning in life. I've seen people in my community tend to have more easeful fulfilling relationships as they aren't seeking to meet the ideas of the status quo as much."

Redbard also considered how spirituality could affect a person's mental health.

"Across the board, I've seen people struggle with that no matter their beliefs," she said.

As an advocate for other female entrepreneurs, Redbard said: "I'm often told I'm inspiring women to create their business as I follow a very authentic path of creativity and femininity to achieve the results I have made. I take big risks but minimise stress by staying connected to the bigger picture."

Redbard advised, "Anyone starting out is to find more range [to] become obsessed with learning and grow your emotional capacity to get uncomfortable."

"Having uncomfortable conversations is the fastest way to lean into growth," she added.