A court in Australia on Friday (31 March) awarded 40 years of jail term to the most-wanted fugitives of the country.

Gino Stocco and his son Mark were jailed for murder of a New South Wales (NSW) man and a series of other offences, including a shootout with police during a two-week manhunt.

According to reports, the duo was charged with more than 30 offences including the murder of 68-year-old Rosario Cimone, whom they killed in 2015. The pair used to share the property near Dunedoo in central-western New South Wales with the victim.

Gino was handed a non-parole period of 28 years, while Mark, 35, received 30 year non-parole sentence.

The court had earlier heard that the duo was on the run from police for a range of alleged crimes for around eight years when they killed Cimone in 2015.

They had taken shelter on the victim's property on the provision they would help maintain it. However, relationship between the owner and the tenants went sour and they killed him.

The father-son duo has pleaded guilty and said the killing was "unplanned" and was stimulated by "anger" and "frustration", ABC reported. They shot Cimone twice in the stomach and left his body in the bushes.

However, after two-weeks of manhunt across three states, the Stuccos were caught on a rural property at Dunedoo in central NSW. They had fired at police with a high-powered rifle during a car pursuit in Wagga Wagga in NSW before they were held, the BBC reported.

The father and the son have also pleaded guilty to shooting at police to avoid arrest and destroying property.

"They've shown no remorse, as if their actions mean nothing to them. We hope that the horror of what they've done and the pain they've inflicted will stay with them," Cimone's daughter, Maria Perre, said after the sentencing in Sydney. "The irony is, they still have each other."