Security firm AVG has developed a pair of 'invisibility glasses' that protect wearers from security cameras and other facial recognition technology.

Infrared light emitted from small LEDs on the glasses' frames cause face detection software on cameras to be disrupted.

The glasses also use specialist materials - known as retro-reflective materials - to reflect light back at the same angle that it arrived, meaning camera flashes cause the sensor to be flooded with light and rendering the image obsolete.

facial recognition invisibility glasses AVG
Infrared can be used to avoid Facebook\'s facial recognition technology AVG

Unveiled at the showcase event Pepcom ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday (2 March), the invisibility glasses are currently only a proof of concept.

"Rather than designing a product for market release, tech experts are investigating how technology can adapt to combat the daily erosion of our privacy in the digital age," AVG said in statement.

"There are a number of reasons why invisibility glasses could be a valuable privacy tool in the future. The increasing use of smartphone cameras in public places means it's more likely unsolicited images taken of us end up online."

The firm also warns of projects being carried out by major tech companies that risk infringing on individuals' privacy.

AVG cites Google's StreetView as an example of faces and identities appearing in the public domain, as well as expressing concern about Facebook's DeepFace advanced facial-recognition technology.

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