Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry (R) and Meghan Markle (L) attend a Wheelchair Tennis match during the Invictus Games 2017 Getty

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement today (27 November), and the couple seemed somewhat of an unlikely, random match when their relationship became headline news in November 2016.

A recent report has suggested that the fifth-in-line to the throne could be marrying his long lost cousin when he walks down the aisle in spring 2018.

Despite Harry, 33, growing up in Kensington, London – 5,500 miles apart from Markle who born and raised in Los Angeles, California – the loved up couple could be related.

The Mail on Sunday cite that divorcee Markle's roots can be traced all the way to a 15<sup>th century English family which became well connected.

Her father Thomas Markle, who works as a lighting director, is distantly related to Ralph Bowes, a High Sheriff from country Durham who lived from 1480-1518. He had extensive estates based at Streatlam Castle.

Down another strand of the family tree, the Bowes married into the Lyon family.

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon then married into the Royal Family when she wed the Duke of York, who would become King George VI. His daughter is Queen Elizabeth II.

Several generations later, as revealed on Channel 4 documentary When Harry Met Meghan last night, Markle's ancestors were from identified as having more humble origins in the working class coal mining communities of Yorkshire.

The actress' great-great grandmother Martha Sykes was traced back to the UK and moved to the US for a better life with her parents Thomas and Mary.

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Historian Andy Ulicny said: "Most likely the Sykes family came from Yorkshire, a coal mining region, and the name Sykes was popular up that way."

Sykes is a direct descendant of Markle's father Thomas Markle – who works as a lighting director. The family immigrated from England during Prince Harry's great-great-great grandmother Queen Victoria's reign in 1869 for a chance at a better life.

Much digging has been done into the roots of 36-year-old Meghan as an engagement (and in all probability marriage into the world's most prestigious families) between her and Harry is deemed ''imminent'' following her teatime meeting with the Queen two weeks ago.

The documentary also revealed that Harry has a crush on Markle two years before even meeting her.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl said: "He had a crush on Rachel Zane (Markles character in Suits) two years before he met Meghan and the reason I know is because I was having drinks with one of his friends.

"She told me she'd been on a night out with Prince Harry. He was single at the time, so she said, 'Harry, who's your ideal girl?' And he said 'Meghan Markle from Suits'."