Awkward season 5 premieres 31
Awkward season 5 will be MTV show's final season MTV

After waiting for months, MTV has finally set a date for the return of Awkward's season 5.

The final season of the MTV teen series will premiere on 31 August, the network announced in New York.

Showrunners Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler told TVLine that they intend to wrap up the "never-ending story" of Matty and Jenna once and for all.

What to expect next in the series:

Jenna and her steady stream of boyfriends

According to a report, Jenna will come face-to-face with all her boyfriends in the series.

The producers explained that Jenna will be "confronted by all of the guys that she's been with. It's a confrontation — or, actually, more like an intervention."

Ashley Rickards also shared a picture of herself with all her past boyfriends on Instagram.

I'm a lucky girl (for the most part)

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Jenna and Matty reunion?

Season 4 ended with Jenna falling for Brian, and Matty accepting that he has lost Jenna forever. But, given their roller coaster season 4 ride, it will not be crazy to expect them to end up together for the final season.

She told Tvline: "Listen, it's never over until it's over. Those two characters are still alive, right? That's basically what's going to have to happen for Jatty to no longer exist — someone's going to have to die."

Lacey is pregnant

Jenna's mother Lacey also had a bit of storyline in season 4, where she got accepted in a college, and decided to continue her education, but there was a little bump in the road.

In Sprang Break part 2, Lacey finds out that she is expecting again. Nikki DeLoach, who plays the character, also dished on the show's final season.

She told Whosay, "Well Lacey is pregnant this season! So you can imagine what it's like to see Lacey dealing with her hormones and her cravings. It's been really fun! We actually have a fun episode coming up where we are doing a gender reveal party for Lacey. I'm looking forward to doing it."


The final season's plot will revolve around the Palos Hills school graduation. The cast has been actively posting photos from filming on their Instagram accounts, and the Palos Hills gang will celebrate a post-graduation carnival.

Here are a few pictures that have been shared on Instagram.

Let's shoot.

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They see me rollin, they hatin. Patrolling. They tryin to catch me riding dirty. PHOTO BY GENIUS @boardercollie

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Just because we aren't in highschool anymore doesn't mean we can't be #awkward ?✌️@bdavv

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Lot of teen-drama

The season 4 final episode also had some drama ahead for characters like Tamara, who was last seen engaged to Brian's friend Adam; Jake, who slept with Matty's girlfriend Gabby; and Val who decides to quit her job.

Will Jake come clean about the truth to Matty? Or will this betrayal bring back memories of when Jake and Matty fought over Jenna in season 3.

Meanwhile, Tamara accepts Adam's proposal, who she meet the same day in a bar, thinking that Adam is going overseas soon. But Tamara's romantic plan falls apart sooner than she expects, as Adam clarifies he is not being shipped out for another nine months. He hopes that they will get married before he leaves.

What do you think might happen in season 5? Do let us know your opinions below.