Baby Daddy season 5
Baby Daddy season 5 returns on 3 February on Freeform Freeform

Baby Daddy season 5 premieres on 3 February at 8:30pm EST on ABC Family, which will be called Freeform from January. In episode 1 titled Love and Carriage, Ben Wheeler meets someone new and Riley Perrin has a surprising reaction to Danny Wheeler's proposal.

The network has released the synopsis for its premiere episode, which reads as follows:

In the season 4 finale, Ben interrupted Bonnie and Brad's wedding and Danny proposed to Riley.

Creator Dan Berendsen talked about the big moment for Riley and Danny in an interview with TV Line.

Berendsen said: "We needed to let these kids start settling down and growing up and making big decisions," and teased that the Danny-Riley pairing had always been part of his master plan for the series. "It was a very calculated move."

Speaking about season 5 premiere, the creator revealed: "A little bit of both. In the first episode, you'll see the aftermath of the proposal, and then we'll be jumping ahead a month.... We wanted to show Danny and Riley mid-relationship, rather than doing the same stories we've done with Ben and Riley, like their awkward first date. We wanted to go to some fresh territory."

Berendsen also dished on ending Ben, Riley, and Danny's love triangle. "I'll admit, there were moments when we'd be doing a scene in the heart of Ben and Riley that we thought, 'Oh my God, they should be together'. I wavered the most on the train episode, which is one of my favourites. I went back into the writer's room and was like, 'OK, we might have to rethink this'," he said.