The Bachelorette season 12 is going on a brief hiatus for the Independence Day weekend, and will air episode 7 featuring the last week in Argentina on 11 July. Fans of the ABC show can expect some major drama and stiff competition in the coming week as JoJo Fletcher prepares to eliminate two other suitors before she heads for home town dates with her final four.

Click here to watch Bachelorette season 12 episode 7 live online on the official website. The episode will be aired on ABC on 11 July at 8/7pm CT in the US.

After an eventful season, the 25-year-old bachelorette seems to be heading to the phase where she has to make tough decisions related to her heart and future fiancé. In the previous week, JoJo enjoyed romantic dates in the exotic locations of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

By the end of the episode, though, the real estate developer had said goodbye to Wells Adam and Derek Perth.

According to a report in Inquisitr, JoJo will eliminate two more of her remaining suitors – Luke Pell, Jordan Rodgers, James Taylor, Alex Woytkiw, Robby Hayes, and Chase McNary – from this season of The Bachelorette.

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Warning: Spoilers for the upcoming episode ahead

Before the eliminations, the Dallas-based bachelorette will reportedly give one last shot to Alex Woytkiw on a one-on-one date before he spills out that he loves her. The awkward date may not turn out well for Alex, who hasn't been in action much this season, as he will be sent home without the date rose.

Apart from him, Luke Pell and Jordan Rodgers will also score personal dates with JoJo, thus increasing their chances of being the final contenders for her heart.

Episode 7 doesn't look happy for the much-likable James Taylor as well. After struggling to stand apart from the crowd, the guitar-playing suitor of JoJo may bite the dust as he is left disappointed at the end of the rose ceremony.

So, does that leave JoJo with Jordan, Chase, Luke, and Robby as her final choices in season 12 of The Bachelorette? To find out who wins her heart watch the ABC show on Mondays.