Jimmy Fallon
Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon during his awkward high school years YouTube

Children all around the country will be heading back to school for the start of the brand new academic year tomorrow (7 September). For first-year students, it can be a daunting thought meeting all those new people, while older pupils are most likely rolling their eyes at the prospect of early starts once again following the long summer lie-ins.

However, some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum and Kanye West, undoubtedly experienced the same rollercoaster of emotions about school before they went on to forge promising careers for themselves.

Bad Blood singer Taylor Swift is the ultimate success story if there ever was one. The singer told Seventeen magazine how she felt uncool in high school, but turned the negativity into making life goals and more than 10 years later, she is one of the best-selling female musicians of the decade.

The singer explained: "It happened to me when I was in seventh grade. I'd been best friends with this group of girls for as long as I could remember, but all of a sudden, they were cool and I wasn't anymore... I made this goal sheet when I was like 14 or 15, and it was like, 'My life would be complete if... I win a CMA award, have a platinum record, have a number one song. So as I'm checking these things off the list, I'm like, 'You're kidding me!'"

So, as you prepare to pack your bag, sharpen your pencils and get an early night's sleep ahead of your first day back, take a look at these amusing celebrity high school pictures...

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