Bake Off winner of 2015, Nadiya Hussain, has claimed she was racially abused by a fellow train passenger via her Twitter profile on Wednesday (14 December).

The baker and author, 31, who was raised by Bangladeshi parents in Luton, said that a male commuter told her: "I ain't sitting near a Muslim."

Hussain, who has previously said that she has endured racist abuse "as part of my life," tweeted to her 127k Twitter followers last night: "A man refused to sit next to me on the train today 'I ain't sitting near a Muslim' he said. His ignorance is his own ruin."

Her tweet was met with an overwhelming response, with this year's GBBO contestant Rav Bansal claiming that he is still suffering racial abuse.

He said: "Unfortunately a similar thing happened to me again recently. You are a much better person then he will ever be."

Another one of Hussain's followers added: "This is so terrible, i hope other people speak up, if I ever see this I will definitely speak up, you guys rock," as a third put: "his loss, I would literally push past people to get to sit next to you and have a chat".

The mother-of-three stated in August that she was "astounded" to be credited with having a positive impact on race relations in the UK.

Hussain has carved out a successful showbusiness career since her big win, in which 15 million people tuned in for, and has become a columnist and author as well as a baking expert.

She first developed her interest in cooking while at school and largely self-educated herself by reading recipe books and watching YouTube videos.

On her past experiences of racial abuse, she said in an interview with Kirsty Young: "I've had things thrown at me and been pushed and jabbed. It sounds really silly because I feel that it's just become a part of my life now.

"I expect it. I absolutely expect to be shoved or pushed or verbally abused because it happens. It's been happening for years.

"I don't retaliate. I just feel like there is a dignity in silence. I think if I retaliate to negativity with negativity then we've evened out. I don't need to even that out because if somebody is being negative I need to be the better person. Because I have young children, the one thing I don't want my kids to do is have a negative attitude of living in the UK."

Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain presents the Queen with birthday cake ITN