A large-scale demonstration against Pakistan was held outside the UN headquarters in New York during PM Nawaz Sharif's address on Wednesday (21 September). Several Baloch and Indian activists staged the anti-Pakistan protest to highlight atrocities and human rights violations by Islamabad's forces in Balochistan.

According to a Press Trust of India report, activists were later joined by other groups, who demanded that the Islamic nation should stop "exporting" terror into India.

The protesters exhibited banners and placards displaying messages like "US Government stop giving funds to Pakistan", "Kashmiri Hindus are Humans, Wake up to their sufferings", "Remove Pakistan from the UN", "Stop Atrocities in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir", and "Killing Fields of Pakistan - Sindh and Balochistan".

The demonstrators also shouted slogans of "Free Balochistan", "Down Down Pakistan", and "Save World from Pakistan Terror".

Ahmar Musti Khan, founder of the American Friends of Balochistan, said: "Pakistan is a terror state and does not want the people of Balochistan to live in peace." He added that the country should respect the rights of the Baloch people.

Khan also condemned the brutalities of the Pakistani army and said, "The Pakistan Army is ISIS in uniform". He showed his gratitude towards the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi "for speaking out for Balochistan's right and the right of the Baloch people to be the masters of our own destiny".

Meanwhile, the Baloch National Movement (BNM) also slammed the human rights violation by Pakistan and its 'ongoing military operations' in Sindh and Balochistan.

The BNM said: "Baloch and Sindhi people appeal to the freedom loving citizens of America and the world to support our demands for freedom, peace, and justice.

"We, the victims of Pakistani state aggression and crimes against humanity, want to tell the world that 'Pakistan is a nuclear-armed terrorist state' and must be stopped."

The group also condemned the Sunday's (18 September) terrorist attack on the Indian army base in Jammu and Kashmir's Uri, which claimed lives of 18 soldiers. Attacks are element of Pakistan's policy of "aggression, employing terrorist methods and outfits to escalate war in the region", the BNM asserted.