A Boston rally and speakout in support of the ongoing protests in Baltimore is being planned on Facebook by a group called Mass Action Against Police Brutality. The rally, which is set to occur on 29 April in front of Boston Police Department Headquarters, has over 1,700 "interested" attendees on its Facebook event page.

According to the event description, the group asks attendees to, "Stand in solidarity with protesters and people of Baltimore in demanding the immediate indictments of the police who killed Freddie Grey." The group demands "the immediate release of all jailed protesters and the dropping of all charges against them." It also calls for the end of Maryland's state of emergency and citywide curfew.

"What is happening in Baltimore could happen anywhere," the group continues to say. "Justice denied is an act of war against the population and now the people have had enough and they are standing up and fighting back. Every lover of democracy and freedom must join this call."

Baltimore erupted in violent riots following the funeral of Freddie Gray, who was injured while in police custody. The riots resulted in over a hundred vehicle and building fires, over 200 arrests and 20 injuries to police officers. President Obama condemned the riots and said substantial societal changes would have to be made for the issues in Baltimore and other cities to be resolved.

Repeated attempts to reach the organisers of the rally in Boston were made, but not returned.