Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Warner Bros

There's absolutely no doubt that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch's many fans would love to see the actor join the superhero bandwagon. So it's really not surprising when his name gets linked to one of the most eagerly-awaited superhero films - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock. BBC

Last week, Moviepilot carried a report speculating names that could make for a superb addition to The Justice League team and Cumberbatch was stated as the top casting choice for the role of Martian Manhunter.

"Cumberbatch can play an amazing detective, as seen by his Emmy award-winning performance as Sherlock Holmes," the site speculated. "He also has to feel a bit alien in nature, which he also embodies as Sherlock with his otherworldly presence and intellect. To top it all off, he has one of the most intriguing voices in the industry."

Casting the Sherlock actor as Martian Manhunter doesn't seem like such a bad idea at all as he will be perfect to bring a relatively lesser known character (as compared to Superman and Batman) alive on the big screen.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Martian Manhunter fan-art
Benedict Cumberbatch as Martian Manhunter fan-art

Cumberbatch has long been attached to superhero movies, with the most recent rumours linking him to the lead role in Doctor Strange. But the star has yet to commit to a big budget franchise with other properties gaining his attention, reports Enstars.

Having this role would also enter Cumberbatch into the superhero game without him having to worry about carrying his own franchise. It will be similar to testing the waters before jumping into the deep end – with a solo superhero film.

Justice League is expected to release in 2017.

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