Battlefield 1
First World War biplanes are going to be a popular vehicle in the new game EA

DICE fans weren't happy when Star Wars Battlefront launched without a server browser, so they'll be happy to learn that the studio's next shooter – Battlefield 1 – will be released with the feature that has appeared throughout the series' 14-year history.

A server browser, as you probably know or can guess, gives players a list of active games that they can sort by map, game type and number of players currently playing. It lets players search for the ideal game they want to play, but didn't suit the simpler, more mass-market game the manufacturer was making with Star Wars Battlefront.

The official Battlefield Twitter account announced the news, responding to a fan. One fan was particularly happy, responding: "Thank baby Jesus."

Battlefield 1 was announced last week at an event in London. The game is set during the First World War, and is the first in the series since downloadable title Battlefield 1943, released in 2009, not to be set in contemporary times. It's the first mainline Battlefield game not to be set in the future since 2005's Battlefield 2142.

The historical setting will mark a substantial shift for the series, which DICE last visited in 2013's Battlefield 4 (don't' get us started on the naming conventions) and the numerous expansions and free DLC packs that have been released since.

DICE is currently a very busy studio working on multiple games. Mirror's Edge Catalyst is just a few weeks from release, Star Wars Battlefront has three upcoming expansions before a sequel set for 2017, and then there's Battlefield of course.

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