Battlefield 1 will be going offline for an hour today (15 November) on each platform, as EA and DICE introduce the game's first major update. The update will introduce fixes and new features, but the developer hasn't yet detailed patch notes.

The PC version of the World War 1 shooter went offline this morning for an hour between 8am GMT (12am PT / 3am ET) and 9am. On PS4, multiplayer will be unavailable from 10am GMT (2am PT / 5am ET) for an hour, and on Xbox One it will be unavailable for an hour from 12pm GMT (4am PT / 7am ET).

The update will be detailed in full once it has gone live across all platforms, so around 1pm GMT. DICE have confirmed that a feature to allow players to rent servers will go live alongside the patch.

Battlefield 1 has proven a huge success for EA, having broken series records since going on sale in October. According to UK charts company Chart Track, the latest game outsold the combined week one sales of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline in its first week. This data does not include download sales, so isn't fully representative, although it does offer a good indication of the game's popularity.

In our review we said: "Battlefield 1 is a bold reinvention of the Battlefield series, proving not only that DICE aren't afraid to move in brave new directions, but also that they have a genuine understanding of what makes a Battlefield game really tick.

"Series veterans will feel immediately at home in the multiplayer, while those scared by the online battlefields will find the campaign, while short, provides a great diversion and a good way to ease yourself into the chaotic world of Battlefield."

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