Battlefield 4 screenshot
The female is named Hannah while the male character hasn't been identified yet Battlefield 4 official website

Gaming developers EA and DICE have taken the unconventional route to promote Battlefield 4 by revealing two new characters that may play a prominent role in the game.

According to the official website, the female character is named Hanna and the other male character is still unnamed. But, the presence of the male soldier in combat attire does confirm US army's presence in the Battlefield 4.

Apart from unveiling the two characters, Shanghai skyline has been revealed in the artwork as well.

The game's developers have planned to release the upcoming game's trailer on 26 March. The unveiling of the two new characters is just an appetiser for Battlefield series' fans, who are expecting the game to be released by the end of this year.

The next generation versions of the game (for gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox720) have been confirmed as well.

There are rumours that the upcoming game will be an improvement on Battlefield 3's weapon modification system, set in the year 2020, and a complete restructuring of the weather system.

Battlefield 4 will be formally announced by the game's developers on 27 March at an event in San Francisco. The gaming developers EA and DICE have decided to add a bit of chutzpah while sending out their "mission package" to invitees for the Game Developers Conference.

The mission package reportedly weighed 20 pounds. The package came with an engraving of the Battlefield logo on the solid-metal case. Besides Battlefield's logo on the package, the developers decided to emboss GoPro (a wearable helmet camera), Medal of Honour: Warfighter for PS3 and Xbox 360, Battlefield 3 for both current-generation consoles, and an invitation to the launch of their new game.

Also, there are reports coming that the Battlefield 4 beta version will be available to Battlefield 3 premium subscribers.