Ellie Harrison
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Ellie Harrison, presenter of Countryfile, a weekly programme on BBC One, claims she was asked to tone down her blonde hair by TV bosses.

Harrison was allegedly asked by producers to subdue her "Hollywood leading-lady" appearance and blend into a "country-set" image for the programme, reported The Telegraph.

Harrison claims that following her first appearance on the show, the executive producer told her that her hair are "too present".

"I suppose that meant it was too long and blonde. I get asked a lot about my hair. It's a subject that always seems to come up," Harrison told Countryside magazine.

Harrison previously worked as a presenter for the Discovery Channel in the US and admits there's a huge culture gap between the US and UK.

"It is celebratory over there; they really want you to do well. It's like over here they would almost rather you were on the edge of a breakdown," said Harrison.

Not letting it get to her, Harrison adds: "I want my daughters to grow up with the clear message that everybody should work. The end goal should never be not to bother. That's not good enough. I come from a family of workers."

Harrison has admitted in the past, how her blonde locks have always grabbed more attention than her work.

"It can get in the way of people thinking you're credible, so I try and shrug it off. I've had people approach me – inside and outside TV – who are surprised I can string a sentence together," Harrison told the Mail Online.