Paul Rosolie, the conservationist who braved being eaten alive by an 18ft anaconda on Discovery Channel's documentary 'Eaten Alive,' describes the 'terrifying moment' the female snake gulped him in.

Wearing a special carbon fibre protective suit and pouring pig's blood all over himself, Rosolie tried to imitate being the female snake's prey, reported The Independent.

"She nailed me right in the face and the last thing I saw was her mouth wide open before everything went black. And then she wrapped me and I felt the suit cracking and my arms ripping out of their sockets. It was absolutely terrifying," Rosolie told Entertainment Weekly in an interview.

Animal rights activists have heavily criticized Rosolie labeling him "Hitler of animals" and some even praying that he catches the Ebola virus.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) said in a statement:

"If the description is accurate, the snake was tormented and suffered for the sake of ratings – as animals usually do when they're used for entertainment. Anacondas go days without eating and expend the energy needed to do so selectively. Making this snake use up energy by swallowing this fool and then possibly regurgitating him would have left the poor animal exhausted and deprived of the energy that he or she needs.

"Shame on this pseudo 'wildlife expert' for tormenting this animal and shame on the Discovery Channel for giving him the incentive to do so."

Rosolie has fought back at the critics defending his stunt as a way of raising awareness of the declining wildlife in the region, which he said could only be done by doing something as daring as this.

"I wanted to do something that would sort of shock people and force a dialogue about what's going on here — and it's working. [The snake] is alive and well. She beat the s**t out of me," said Rosolie.

When asked about how far inside the snake he went, Rosolie replied in an interview with the Entertainment Weekly saying: "I am actually not allowed to say anything. I can tell you that the thing beat the shit out of me and constricted me. As for as actual consumption went, I'm not allowed to say.

"The plan was once she got to my waist, they'd pull me back out — that's partly for my safety, partly for the snake's. Because once she got past my waist it would be difficult for me to get pulled out."

Despite his insisting that the snake is unharmed, it has not been revealed exactly how Rosolie ended the stunt.