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The four officers were heard laughing while the alleged rape victim's statement was read out iStock

Four police officers have been sacked after laughing at a woman who reported being raped.

The Bedfordshire Police officers accidentally phoned the woman and made "disgusting and immoral" comments about her alleged ordeal.

At one point during the nine-minute phone call, the officers could be heard laughing as one says: "He proper stuck it up her a***."

Another reportedly said: "If she really don't want it she would leave."

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, came to officers to report being raped and urinated on by a man, the Daily Mail reported.

She said she could hear the statement she gave to police detailing her alleged attack being read out by one of the officers to the laughter of others.

Recalling the incident during a police disciplinary tribunal, the woman said: "Those nine minutes were torture for me... I could not stop crying and shaking.

"I will never trust the police and I will never ever forgive."

Her account of the phone call was backed up by a work colleague.

PCs Robin Denton, Matthew Neild, Todd Mills and Deanna Waite were all found to have committed gross misconduct and were sacked on Tuesday (24 January).

The two-day hearing in Newport Pagnell saw PC Neild also found to have breached the standard of professional behaviour concerning confidentiality.

A statement from one of the officers said they were concerned when they discovered the woman had heard the call, saying the comments were never meant for her and that terms used were not "medically correct".

In interview, one of the officers said: "I wasn't laughing and joking about her or anything like that. There were comments and personal anecdotes told which I may well have laughed at.

"I don't feel I was joking about that situation."

None of the officers were said to have been involved in investigating the woman's rape claim.

Chief Constable Jon Boutcher said: "I have incredibly high expectations regarding our officers' behaviour and attitude and in this particular case those expectations were clearly not met".

"As soon as I was made aware of this case I immediately suspended the officers and visited the victim, with Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Sebire. I have apologised to this remarkable and brave young lady and have continued to support her throughout the investigation. I would like to extend my apologies to her again for the anguish and distress this has caused."