Carved pumpkins and store-bought cobwebs are not a part of Steven Novak's Halloween festivities. Turning his home in Texas, USA into a faux crime scene resulted in a number of awkward police visits. However, the artist has not been disheartened by the results. He claims that most people, including the police officers, have been appreciative of the installations. Since the decorations went up, the Dallas man has been seen re-applying blood onto the decorations on his property. He promises to top this year's decoration next year.

Residents of M Street in East Dallas have witnessed police vehicles frequently stopping by Novak's home. The resident of the street's most gruesome house of horrors has met with the officers twice after they were forced to visit the home following complaints about the extreme decorations displayed outside.

Novak's Halloween display involves several decapitated and mangled mannequins. As part of the display, a mannequin can be spotted draped from the roof with a massive knife buried in its head. Another mannequin appears to have had its head smashed in on the stairs with a safe. A third has a chainsaw sticking out of its back. The scene also has a wheelbarrow containing mannequin parts emulating dismembered corpses. The path leading to the front door is smeared with fake blood.

While during the daytime the bloodied corpses draw attention to the house, at night the zombies are hard to miss. A display by the window at night makes it look like zombies are trying to break out of the home.

Credit to the artist @ StevenNovak on Insta for this display

— El Sobrino Jr 🔞 (@ElSobrinoJr) October 28, 2020

Speaking to the Dallas Observer, Novak recalled the visit from the police. They asked him if the decoration was put up by him. The resident took full ownership of the horrors outside his home. While the police had no problems with the decoration, they were forced to visit his home due to complaints by neighbours.

Despite the complaints, the horror enthusiast continues to maintain the threatening aura of the scary Halloween decorations. He said that due to the rains washing away the blood, he is often spotted early in the morning pouring blood onto the mannequins. When a child asked Novak, what had happened to the mannequins he told the child that they had taken too many Skittles.

The artist claims that his plans were to make the decorations more gruesome. He promises to make next year's Halloween festivities even more spectacular.

Police warning halloween costume
Police visits home after complaints over gruesome Halloween decoration. (representational image) Greene County Sheriff's Office