Better Call Saul season 3
Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill in Better Call Saul season 3 AMC

With only 3 episodes remaining in this season, Better Call Saul season 3 is gearing up for an epic finale. AMC has released the synopsis for the season-ending episode and the chapters leading up to it, which teases a lot of drama in store for Jimmy McGill, Kim Wexler, and Mike Ehrmantraut.

[Warning Spoilers Ahead]

Here is the synopsis and airdate of Better Call Saul final 3 episodes:

1. The final chapter aka episode 10 is titled, Lantern, which will air on 19 June at 10pm EST on AMC Network. The plot teases Jimmy making amends, as Chuck will be forced by Hamlin to make a decision. The official synopsis reads as follows:

Kim takes time off; Jimmy tries to make amends; Nacho gambles with his future; Hamlin pushes Chuck to make a decision

2. The pre-finale episode is titled, Fall airing on 12 June, where Jimmy visits a friend. The official synopsis reads as follows:

Jimmy visits a friend and takes up an old pastime; Chuck and Hamlin argue over the future of the firm; Kim faces challenges

3. Episode 8 is titled, Slip, and it will air on 5 June at 10pm EST after a Memorial Day weekend break. The official synopsis reads as follows:

Jimmy is pushed to desperate measures; Nacho picks up a skill; Mike explores an alliance; Kim stands up to Hamlin

Rhea Seehorn, who plays Kim, spoke to TV Line about that big Saul Goodman name reveal and if she shares a scene with Mike Ehrmantraut.

Seehorn addressed Kim's reaction to the name Saul Goodman and admitted, "That was a fun scene to play, because there's so much mixed up in it."

"She loves it. But it's extremely odd. Someone you've known for eleven years just made up a name and an entire character, and is now doing insane commercials on TV. It amuses her, it disturbs her, it confuses her... it's a strange moment. I don't think she knows what to make of it," she added.

Teasing a possible scene with Jonathan Banks's cop-turned-criminal character, she told the outlet, "I wouldn't be able to tell you if I did or I didn't. I can tell you that Jonathan and I have been discussing that at length for quite some time. We adore each other, and would love to be in a scene together. I always laugh, because they have some weird similarities."

"I have a feeling they would both just drink some really old Scotch," Seehorn added.

Better Call Saul season 3
Jimmy and Kim in Better Call Saul season 3 AMC