Celebrity lookalikes are nothing new in Hollywood. And yet the internet is currently obsessed over a Michigan woman, whose uncanny resemblance to Beyonce has left everyone baffled.

Brittany Williams – a production planner from Detroit, Michigan – frequently treats her 100,000 Instagram followers to stunning pictures of herself, each time sparking a new wave of frenzy because of the way she looks.

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"You absolutely resemble a younger Bey. I would say the difference is that you have fuller lips and darker eyebrows," a user, thrilled about the striking similarities, commented on Williams' latest photo upload. With her blonde centre-parted hair and the signature hat style, the resemblance is definitely hard to miss.

Most recently though, Williams flaunted a flamboyant pop star look – complete with leather pants, a quoted t-shirt, killer boots and her signature shades and hat – on the picture-sharing site, causing a mini meltdown for her fans.

"Beyonce is that you?" an impressed viewer asked, while someone else commented, "Cloning is real."

"People keep saying look like Beyoncé. I reckon you look beautiful in your OWN way," a third fan added.

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Lookalike or not, Williams tends to receive her share of attention – sometimes unwarranted – every time she steps out in public. So much so that, despite not trying to dress up or appear like the Lemonade singer, Williams has been chased by random strangers.

"I get approached all the time, whether it be on planes, at the airport or while attending events. I've also been chased, had pictures taken of me without my consent and pranks done without me knowing," she told Mail Online.

Recalling one such incident, she said, "A group of women once chased me and my friend to our car and began singing 'Single Ladies', beating my friend's car with the heels of their shoes until we rolled down the window and took a picture with them."

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Although, Williams was initially bothered by the attention, she has grown accustomed to it. And, it seems like the Beyonce lookalike has more things in common with the singer than just her appearance.

"We both have southern roots. My parents and her parents look like they could be related," said Williams. "She sings, dances, writes and I am gifted in the same ways. We're both strong, dominant women, fearless, and God fearing."

Like thousands of Beyonce's fans, Williams too is quite fond of the pop icon. "She's the example of what men should seek, and girls should become," she added.