Beyonce typically commands all the attention wherever she goes but the superstar had to share the spotlight with another family member recently. The Formation singer attended the funeral of her uncle in her hometown of Texas earlier in March but all eyes were on her cousin Kristin Douglas and her curvaceous figure.

The Single Ladies hitmaker travelled to Webster, Texas on 19 March where a funeral service was held for Lumis "Skip" Beyonce, the brother of Beyonce's mother Tina Lawson, who died on 13 March. It is not known if Beyonce, 34, was accompanied by her husband Jay Z but the singer caught up with other family members, including her cousin Douglas.

In a picture posted on her Instagram, Douglas can be seen posing with a young woman believed to be another cousin with Beyonce in the middle. The caption read: "Celebrating the life of Uncle Skip! #ripuncleskip." The image was quickly circulated on social media and many commented on Douglas' curvy figure, which was accentuated in a blue bodycon dress putting her bootylicious bum on display.

Celebrating the life of Uncle Skip! #ripuncleskip

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One admirer said: "Know where Bey got the inspiration for bootylicious. Wonder how many more cousins she trying to hide," while another gushed: "Yeah buddy!!! Bey Cousin Killing the game!!! I love Beyonce she bad but her cousin badder!!! i wish i could have met her a few years ago..shiii i wish i can meet her now!!!"

Another follower said: "Beyonce who? Look at the blue," and another mused: "A nurse looking like that wow." Since posting the photo, Douglas saw her Instagram account grow from just over 2,000 followers to more than 66,000 in just a few days.

It appears to be the first time Douglas has shared the limelight with her cousin so as fans admire the beauty of Beyonce's relative, IBTimes UK finds out everything there is to know about the woman who has stolen queen Bey's shine.

  • Douglas' age is not known but she claims to be Taurus on her Instagram account
  • Her cousin may be a world famous Grammy-winning singer but Douglas is successful in her own right forging a career as a nurse
  • Despite her youthful looks, Douglas is the mother of two children – daughter Kelsi, who is in the senior year of high school, and three-year-old son Ashton. Mother and daughter can be seen going shopping for a prom dress in one Instagram photo while other family snaps include fun at Christmas
  • She's supportive of her famous cousin and attended the singer's Mrs Carter Show world tour in Houston in 2013

🎀Prom dress shopping with my #merdoll 🎀 #motherdaughtergoals #senioryear🎓 #littlemermaid #promdressshopping👛 #ajiarenea💁🏽#mothertoaprincess #daughtertoaqueen👑 #sheslays💋 lol!!! I love my baby !!

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Free Day!! #smile #ilovemyafro #bighair #curlyhair #naturalhair

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CAPTAIN AMERICA riding a dragon to go save the day!! #ashtonjace #halloween2015 #carousel #AforAshton

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