The Big Bang Theory actor Johnny Galecki is breaking fans' hearts on social media by sharing a photo from the CBS sitcom's season 11 sets with co-star Kaley Cuoco and hinting at a possible end to the series.

The Instagram photo features Galecki and Cuoco interacting with the audience from the live taping, as the caption reads, "Another blast of a live audience taping tonight on @bigbangtheory_cbs Just a small portion of our gorgeous audience in this shot by @a.ayers10 #cannedlaughtermyass #comeseeus."

Another blast of a live audience taping tonight on @bigbangtheory_cbs Just a small portion of our gorgeous audience in this shot by @a.ayers10 #cannedlaughtermyass #comeseeus Only a couple handful of episodes left ever. @normancook

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He concluded: "Only a couple handful of episodes left ever. @normancook." The cryptic use of the word "ever" has left fans believing that the show's end is near.

The Big Bang Theory fans are getting emotional over the 42-year-old actor's post, with a user commenting, "Omg I'm devastated I love the Big Bang theory I feel I know you all bazinga," while another simply replied, "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo."

"Wait left ever!? Please explain," said a user, noting Galecki's ominous caption. A fan of TBBT said, "Please don't end the show there's still so many stories to tell will really miss the guys," alongside a sad emoji, while another urged, "Oh my god @sanctionedjohnnygalecki! Please don't end it!

A shocked fan replied, "What!! Nooo!! There's still so many Big Bang stories to tell!" A rather exceptional Instagram user asked Galecki for an explanation. "Ummm. Explain yourself there. Couple handful of episodes left ever. We are hanging by a thin thread. Need to know basics."

Fans don't have to worry about the end just yet, as The Big Bang Theory season 11 premieres on 25 September and season 12 was already confirmed by the network. Previously, actor Kunnal Nayyar, who plays Raj Koothrappali in the CBS comedy, spoke about the show's ending.

Nayyar told Digital Spy, "I mean, no-one wants to see an old, fat Raj. I don't know if season 12's going to be the last season – those decisions are not up to me – but I do know for a fact that we have less [episodes to come] than we've already had."

"I'm not saying it's the end after season 12, but we know that this incredible, special thing is going to come to an end, and sooner rather than later. So I think all of us [in the cast] are at least beginning to feel a little bit nostalgic about the time we've had," Nayyar explained.