Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 2
Sheldon, Leonard and Howard try to keep their cool in front of the Colonel in The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 2 CBS

The Big Bang Theory season 10 returns with an all-new episode this Monday (26 September) at 8pm EST on CBS Network. Episode 2 is titled, The Military Miniaturization, where Air Force representative Colonel Williams (played by Dean Norris) will meet Howard, Leonard and Sheldon to discuss their quantum gyroscope.

The official synopsis of the episode reads as follows:

Colonel Williams (Dean Norris), an Air Force representative from the Department of Materiel Command, asks to meet with Howard, Leonard, and Sheldon about their quantum gyroscope. Meanwhile, Bernadette is caught off guard when her coworkers find out about her pregnancy in the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory called The Military Miniaturization.

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Howard is already paranoid about the military snooping around his project and episode 2 will highlight how Leonard and Sheldon will get dragged into the drama. According to a new report, Sheldon Leonard and Howard will be given a "top-secret assignment" from Colonel Williams.

Showrunner Steve Molaro spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Norris guest starring in the episode. He revealed, "Dean is in the first three and that story is featured pretty prominently in those. Dean is great and intimidating and hilarious. You've got this common link now between Sheldon, Leonard and Wolowitz. "

However, the storyline with Howard, Leonard and Sheldon will make Raj feel left out. Molaro explained, "They are going to be in close quarters working a lot — more than they used to — and it's going to start to take its toll on them. It's also interesting that Raj is not a part of it and is pushed to the sidelines a bit and feels left out."