The Big Bang Theory welcomed its first baby season 10 episode 11 titled The Birthday Synchronicity as Howard Wolowitz's wife Bernadette delivered a baby girl, whom they named Halley, after the comet.

The delivery coincided with Sheldon Cooper and Amy Fowler's birthday coitus night and after several interruptions, the couple managed to make it happen by the end of the episode. The chapter also revolved around how far the gang has come along in the last 10 years – with Leonard and Penny married, Sheldon and Amy living together and Howard having a baby.

Although Rajesh felt left out, Howard declared the astrophysicist to be the godfather of his baby girl and he was ecstatic about it. The episode also featured call-backs to Howard's late mother Debbie (played by the late actor Carol Ann Susi).

Meanwhile, showrunner Steve Molaro spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Howard and Bernadette's bumpy road ahead and how the baby's arrival will affect the lives of the show's characters.

The baby's arrival will change the show's DNA said Molaro and added, "It'll certainly have the greatest impact on Bernadette and Howard from all the typical things like lack of sleep to everything else. As far as the show goes, it's going to open up doors to more stories without drastically changing the DNA of what Big Bang Theory is."

The show is slated to go on hiatus and will return with new episodes in January 2017. The showrunner also revealed the duration for which the baby will be seen when the show returns. "The baby is there and asleep in Leonard's room and they bring the baby in. The baby is very much a part of Bernadette and Howard's story that they're telling off in the background. But as far as the group dynamic goes, that's the fun part of this."

"That's where we get to explore and see what will happen eventually when Sheldon is alone with this baby. I don't know when that's going to happen but it will be interesting to watch how it affects all of their dynamics in those episodes where we have the baby. It's also just as easy to go back to work and somebody is taking care of the baby and it's Big Bang as usual," he said.