Big Bang Theory season 11
Sheldon proposes to Amy in The Big Bang Theory season 10 finale CBS

The Big Bang Theory season 10 came to an end on 11 May with Sheldon finally taking the next step and proposing to his girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler. But the show ended on a cliffhanger note– Will Amy say yes?

Executive Producer Steve Molaro has given fans hope that the couple may indeed get engaged in season 11, but their road to the wedding may be longer than usual, as the couple is known to take things slow.

Steve Molaro told EW, "Even if Amy does say yes, I have to imagine there's a long road ahead for this couple — especially since they've moved at a snail's pace to get to this point in the first place."

Molaro also teased a very important detail about the couple's eventual wedding. When asked what would be most important to Sheldon and Amy on their wedding day, EP teased, "Whether or not they're wearing Star Trek uniforms."

The Big Bang Theory season 11 will premiere on 25 September at 8pm EST on CBS. Earlier, in an interview with TV Line, Moralo dished on the shocking proposal from Sheldon and their wedding.

Molaro said, "He's had that ring for a while, so him proposing has always been floating around in the ether. And as we were closing in on the end of our 10th season, it started to feel like that's where we wanted to take it."

Teasing Shamy wedding, he said, "I don't know when that would be, but the thought of it is just delightful. Sheldon and Amy are such a beloved couple, and it is really fun to think about."

When asked if Sheldon-Ramona kiss will be an issue for Amy, the television producer and writer said, "There's a good chance it will come up. Sheldon is not one to withhold evidence. It wouldn't be shocking to me if it's something that he just matter-of-factly conveys to Amy."