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Howard Wolowitz mother dies in The Big Bang Theory season 15 CBS

The Big Bang Theory will air an all new episode that will pay tributes to Carol Ann Susi, who played Howard's mother Mrs Wolowitz on the hit CBS series.

Ann Susi passed away in November of cancer.

The fifteenth episode of the series is titled, The Comic Book Store Regeneration, which will air on 19 February 2015 on CBS.

According to the official synopsis: "Wolowitz receives some shocking news as everyone prepares for the reopening of Stuart's comic book store. Penny teaches Sheldon how to "let it go," but can't follow her own advice after she learns something infuriating about Amy. Also, Leonard and Raj think they spot Nathan Fillion at a restaurant."

In the episode, Amy will be seen helping Barry Kripke and conducting experiments on her friends. Stuart reopens his comic book store, while Howard gets the news of the death of his mother.

According to spoilers, Howard's mother is visiting her sister aunt Gladys in Florida. Later in the episode, Howard gets a call about his mother death, that she goes to sleep and does not wake up.

Everyone then head to console Howard. Leonard expects Sheldon to say something inappropriate. Instead he comments, "When my father died, I didn't have any friends to help me through it, but you do." Penny on the other hand, thinks that Sheldon would tell Howard to "let it go".

Howard and Bernadette leave for Florida for the funeral, while, Stuart can't believe she is gone.

The gang then reminisce about her advice, where she had told Penny, "she was so skinny that she should eat more," while Amy thinks about Mrs Wolowitz's cooking.

Sheldon comments that he "didn't like the way that she yells". Leonard and the rest of the gang raise a toast to Mrs Wolowitz, saying that she was a great mother to all of them, thus paying their tributes to actress Carol Ann Susi.

Previously, executive producer Chuck Lorre had revealed that episode 15 will pay tributes to Carol Ann Susi.

"We shot an episode last week that deals with the loss of Carol Ann," Lorre said in an interview, according to USA Today.

"It took us a couple of months to deal with that; we didn't know how to at first," he said.

However, executive producer Steven Molaro is "in charge of a beautiful script that takes account of the loss of Carol. We thought we handled it in a delicate and respectful way. We lost somebody in our family; it's not something you anticipate happening."