The new episode of The Big Bang Theory season 8 next week teases the possibility of alien life.

The 21st episode is titled The Communication Deterioration, which will air on 16 April at 8pm on the CBS Network.

According to the official synopsis, "In the event of alien contact, NASA asks Raj to craft a message for the extraterrestrials, and the guys battle over how it should be handled. Meanwhile, Penny must decide between auditioning for a film role or keeping her job in pharmaceutical sales."

According to spoilers, Sheldon and the gang split up into teams to work on a project to communicate with aliens, while Penny considers auditioning for the Kevin Smith's movie Clerks 3.

When Raj has a new project from Nasa to try to contact alien lifeforms, he wants Leonard to help him rather than let Sheldon and Howard try and take over the project. Later, Leonard goes over to Raj's place and they complain about their friends who are alpha males.

Later in the episode, Raj realises their idea is the same as Howard and Sheldon's so they start to work together. There is a discussion about the naked human figures on the Voyager probe plaque and how vulnerable humans look, says the report.

Meanwhile, Penny contemplates whether to quit her job and resume her career as an actress. She decides to take the audition, and gets into a discussion with the other actresses at the audition.

However the report reveals something shocking, which might be a dream sequence. "Real aliens see Sheldon's video, conclude that he is declaring war on them and decide to attack the planet Earth."

Will Penny quit her job to resume her acting career? Did Sheldon really make contact with aliens? We will have to wait till the next week to find out.