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After a romantic prom night Sheldon and his gang will return with an all new episode this Thursday!

The ninth episode is titled, The Septum Deviation, where Sheldon will overreact, when Leonard has to undergo a minor surgery.

According to the official synopsis: "When Leonard gets minor surgery on his nose, Sheldon is the one in need of sympathy. Meanwhile, Raj's parents' impending divorce causes Howard and Bernadette to work on their own marriage."

Spoilers suggest that Leonard has to undergo a minor surgery because he has deviated septum, but Sheldon is appalled and doesn't want him to have the surgery due to the risks involved.

But Leonard and Penny go through with it, and they lie to Sheldon that they are going swimming in the public pool. But later he finds out the truth and rushes to the hospital.

According to reports: "Sheldon enters with a teddy bear and a balloon which Amy got him since Sheldon stubbed his toe in a revolving door on the way there. Later the waiting room shakes due to an earthquake which startles Sheldon. Worried about Leonard, he gets up quickly and heads for the door running into the glass on the door and falling to the ground."

Back in the apartment, Sheldon and Leonard are in their robes on the couch both with bandages on their nose. Leonard is teasing Sheldon, and Penny makes fun of them both.

Meanwhile, Raj learns that his parents have just gotten a divorce and his father moved out. Raj is devastated saying that now he comes from a broken home. Howard and Bernadette have a long discussion about their marriage.

In the previous episode, Sheldon tells Amy how he really feels about her and Leonard and Penny share a romantic prom dance together.

Watch Sheldon and Amy's romantic confession here.

The Septum Deviation airs Thursday, November 13 on the CBS.