Kimberly Kisselovich has revealed that she was pregnant with fellow Big Brother housemate Steven Goode's baby.

The pair caused a sensation after repeatedly having sex in the house on live TV.

Kimberly made a sudden exit from the show two weeks ago and was rushed to hospital after complaining of pelvic pain.

It was initially reported that she was suffering with an infection, however speculation that she was pregnant was rife.

Appearing on Big Brother's Bit On the Side, the former Playboy model joked about the rumours, appearing on the show with a cushion stuffed up her dress.

She has however, now revealed that she had fallen pregnant after a series of romps in the house with the entrepreneur. The 23-year-old explained that the 'condom split' during one of her under the covers sex sessions with Steven.

She was hospitalised for four days after the sudden scare, with doctor's confirming on Wednesday that she had lost the baby following an ectopic pregnancy.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Kimberly said: "In the past 24 hours I've had a diagnosis from the doctor and he's sure that I have had an ectopic pregnancy. The doctor said that with the time frame it was definitely Steven's."

The couple were reunited on eviction night after Steven became the ninth evictee. Pressed to propose to the American law graduate, he declined to do so on TV, however he declared that he was in love with her and had no regrets about anything that had happened in the house.