Another midweek elimination has taken place in the Bigg Boss house. This time the contestant who has been evicted from the show after coming so close to the final is reportedly, Ajaz Khan.

According to an Oneindia report, the wild-card entry inmate who seemed extremely confident about becoming the first-ever wild-card-winner of the Bigg Boss show got voted out.

The inmates were clueless when going to bed that elimination was around the corner. In a similar surprise, contestant Kushal Tandon was evicted from the house earlier.

In its final week, the contestants that now remain are Gauhar, Andy and Tanisha. Sangram who, by way of a task, got a ticket to the final two is sitting safe.

Ajaz was seen talking to Bigg Boss about how he has managed to outsmart the other contestants by reaching the finale week. He also stated that he is fully confident that he was the other contestant in the final two alongside Sangram.

Former Bigg Boss 7 contestant Sofia Hayat had filed an official police complaint against Armaan Kohli, post her eviction from the show. This led to Armaan's arrest from the set of the show but he was released within a few hours after paying bail.

According to a Zee News report, Armaan's quick release has angered Sofia even more.

A disappointed Sofia said: "I am not happy with Armaan getting bail so quickly. I don't know why he got free so quickly. My lawyer is looking into it. My point is that if police registered the complaint after seeing the footage and the valid proof, then how did they release Armaan so quickly? I just don't understand it."