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People gather at the Electronic Arts (EA) E3 press conference at the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, California, 10 June, 2017. Andrew Cullen / AFP / Getty Images

Over the course of almost three decade, Electronic Arts – better known simply as EA – has established itself as one of the largest video game publishers in the world. Today, the Redwood giant boasts some of the best selling franchises in the entire industry and holds the keys to IPs that are beloved by fans in their millions.

In spite of its dominance and successes, EA has cultivated a reputation for stifling creativity by buying up promising studios or nurturing internal talent before unceremoniously shuttering them years later.

Whether or not this reputation is fair is up for debate, but after looking through three decades' worth of developers that have closed under the publisher's watch, it's hard to not mourn the loss of some bright talents.

With the shock news that Dead Space creator Visceral Games is "ramping down and closing" – a result of EA choosing to "pivot the design" of Visceral's untitled Star Wars project – we've compiled a list of the highest profile causalities of EA's axe.

BioWare Montreal

Founded in 2009, closed in 2017

Known for: Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda
Following the mixed reception for Andromeda, EA announced that the Mass Effect series would be put 'on hiatus'. BioWare

Black Box Games

Acquired in 2002, closed in 2013

Known for: Need for Speed, Skate

Bullfrog Productions

Acquired in 1995, closed in 2001

Known for: Dungeon Keeper, Populous, Theme Hospital, Theme Park, Syndicate

DreamWorks Interactive (Danger Close Games)

Acquired in 2000, closed in 2013

Known for: Medal of Honor


Acquired in 1997, Emeryville studio closed in 2004

Known for: SimCity, The Sims, Spore

The Sims 4
The Sims series has continued under the Maxis name despite the closure of the original Emeryville studio. EA

Mythic Entertainment

Acquired in 1997, closed in 2004

Known for: Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot

Origin Systems

Acquired in 1992, closed in 2004

Known for: Ultima, Wing Commander

Pandemic Studios

Acquired in 2008, closed in 2009

Known for: Mercenaries, The Saboteur, Star Wars Battlefront


Acquired in 2006, closed in 2013

Known for: SpellForce, BattleForge

Victory Games

Founded in 2010, closed in 2013

Known for: Cancelled Command & Conquer game

Visceral Games (EA Redwood Shores)

Founded in 2010, closed in 2013

Known for: Battlefield Hardline, Dante's Inferno, Dead Space

Westwood Studios

Acquired in 1998, closed in 2003

Known for: Blade Runner, Command & Conquer, Dune

Visceral Games Star Wars
Footage from an early look at Visceral's Star Wars project. EA