Shocking video footage has emerged of people fighting to grab a bargain during Black Friday in the UK, as two women tussle over lingerie in a UK branch of Victoria's Secret.

The amateur video was posted to YouTube, stating that the altercation took place at a Victoria's Secret store in the UK, but it did not say where. The clip shows a black woman in black and green clothes attack a white woman before pandemonium breaks out in the store.

The white woman is knocked to the floor as what appears to be staff jump in to separate the two.

Chaotic fights appear to have broken out across the country as Black Friday began, with the frenzy getting so heated that even police have had to intervene at stores such as Tesco and Asda in London to restore peace and order.

More than 12 police officers attended Tesco in Glover Drive, Upper Edmonton, as tensions rose between frustrated shoppers.

Greater Manchester Police, which has already arrested two people following the Black Friday sales this morning, tweeted: "Keep calm people!"