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BlackBerry OS link live for BlackBerry 10 devices. Reuters

A new BlackBerry OS 10 update - - is currently live on BlackBerry servers for compatible BlackBerry 10 devices.

Like always, folks at CrackBerry forum have managed to capture the individual files for core OS, debrick and radio. The debrick and radio files are needed to create an autoloader.

There is not much difference between the current version and the leaked beta file. According to forum members who have updated their BlackBerry 10 devices with the latest files, the OS feels smoother and brings impressive battery life.

"Loaded this new OS last night (upgraded via Sachesi-non destructive from 2204). Zero issues noticed. Battery life has been phenomenal so far today. With regular use, I am at 80% after 7 + hours. No radio issues noticed. All calls and texts are working fine. All apps seem quicker to load. Especially WWF's is faster to open. Other Android apps are quick as well. Swipe to wake is better. Smooth like "butter" ha, I couldn't help myself," said a forum member.

Following are the OS details and download links for BlackBerry Passport, Z10, Z30, Q5, Q10, Classic and Z3. These files can be loaded using Sachesi or autoloader.

Remember that installation is at your own risk. IBTimes UK will not be held liable for any damage to the device during installation.

OS details

  • Potential working links for O.S Version:
  • Radio Version: - (Assumed as OS + 1)
  • Software version:

Download links

Blackberry Passport (QC8974)

Debrick [1907 MB]

Core OS [348 MB]

Radio [33 MB]

Blackberry Z10 (STL 100-1)

Debrick [1877 MB]

Core OS [318 MB]

Radio [26 MB]

Blackberry Z10 Z30 Q5 Q10 CLASSIC (QC8960)

Debrick [1907 MB]

Core OS [348 MB]

Blackberry Z3 (QC8960_8x30 Hybrid)

Debrick [1906 MB]

Core OS [347 MB]

Blackberry Z10 Verizon (QC8960)

Debrick [1911 MB]

Core OS [348 MB]

Radios for Z3, Z3 Hybrid, Z10, Z30, Q5 and Q10

Z3 (Jakarta) + Cafe Radio - [27 MB]

Radio files

Z10 (STL 100-2/3/4) and Porsche P9982 Radio - [23 MB]

Z10 (STL 100-4) Verizon Radio - [23 MB]

Z30 and Classic Radio - [51 MB]

Q5, Q10 and Khan Radio - [28MB]

Head over to CrackBerry forum to know more about OS

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