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BlackBerry OS has leaked for all BlackBerry 10 devices. CrackBerry

A new BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 build has leaked for all BlackBerry 10 devices including BlackBerry Leap, the company's new 4G LTE affordable smartphone, which will be rolled out in the UK later this month.

In keeping with the past release, this leak hints there is a good chance for the release of a higher operating system version in the near future. You could install the leaked firmware or wait for Blackberry to make it official, suggests CrackBerry.

Folks at CB forum have managed to fish out the details of the leaked BlackBerry OS, which is seemingly quite smooth with an improved battery life. Head over to the forum to know more about the fixes and changes in this leak.

"For the record: coming from Beta (, starting from scratch, full autoloader, no backup, no restore. Ringtone is loud (not as in 10.2.2 but OK), and "traffic data collection" (in location services) is not turning ON on its own like it was the case in Beta 3.2.281. Interesting enough, third button in the attached screenshot (loc based adverts) was not existing in," states a forum member.

The download file for the leaked OS with Debrick, Core OS and Radios are available for the following BlackBerry devices.

  • BlackBerry Passport
  • Leap
  • Z10
  • Z30
  • Q5
  • Q10
  • Classic
  • Z3

You can use the links to update your BlackBerry device using Sachesi. But installation will be at your risk. IBTimes UK will not be held liable for any mishap with the installation.

Blackberry Passport (QC8974)

Debrick [1819 MB]

Core OS [322 MB]

Radio [33 MB]

Blackberry Z10 (STL 100-1)

Debrick [1790 MB]

Core OS [293 MB]

Radio [26 MB]

Blackberry Z10, Z30, Q5, Q10, Classic, and LEAP (QC8960)

Debrick [1820 MB]

Core OS [322 MB]

Blackberry Z3 (QC8960_8x30 Hybrid)

Debrick [1819 MB]

Core OS [321 MB]

Blackberry Z10 Verizon (QC8960)

Debrick [1824 MB]

Core OS [322 MB]

Radios for Leap, Z3, Z10, Z30, Classic, Q5 and Q10

Z3 (Jakarta) + Cafe [27 MB]

Z10 (STL 100-2/3/4) and Porsche P9982 [22 MB]

Z10 (STL 100-4) Verizon [22 MB]

Z30, Leap and Classic [50 MB]

Q5, Q10 and Khan [27MB]








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[Source: CrackBerry]