BlackBerry Roadmap
BlackBerry roadmap revealing the launch of the device.

Blackberry had unveiled a couple of new smartphones running BlackBerry OS 10.2 at the MCW event this year. But that is not all from the mobile manufacturer as reports say a few more BlackBerry devices are in the pipeline.

A BlackBerry roadmap, which was recently leaked online, has revealed the launch schedule of the company's upcoming devices. The roadmap was shared by N4BB and it notes that BlackBerry is aiming at the launch of four new devices this year viz., Affordable, Classic, Innovative and Prestige.

As the roadmap suggests, the Canadian mobile manufacturer is planning to launch a device codenamed 'Windermere', which is nothing but the company's long rumoured flagship smartphone, BlackBerry Passport.

The handset featuring a unique QWERTY keyboard will use a 4.5in screen, 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, 3GB RAM, 13 megapixel rear-camera and 3450mAh powered battery.

Apart from BlackBerry passport, the BlackBerry Khan, which is BlackBerry Porsche Design P'998, is also expected around the same time. Both the smartphones will run BlackBerry OS 10.3 Users will also get to see the much-awaited Blackberry OS.

BlackBerry 9720, rumoured as BlackBerry Classic, is expected sometime in November this year. The smartphone is likely to sport QWERTY with old-school touchpad and function keys.

Besides, each of these smartphones in the roadmap has been listed under certain segment of the market, explains PhoneArena. The BlackBerry Passport has been noted under Innovation.

According to the manufacturer, these handsets are for business executives. The BlackBerry Classic is considered as a Classic smartphone, which will come as an upgrade over Physical BlackBerry QWERTY.

The Porsche Design P'9983, marked under Prestige series, is aimed at the high-end buyers. Meanwhile, the BlackBerry Z3, which is in the Affordable segment, is an upgrade for feature phones.