How to record video on BlackBerry Priv
How to record video on BlackBerry Priv BlackBerry

One of the key elements of BlackBerry's Android-powered Priv smartphone is its 18 megapixel rear camera that is capable of capturing 4k resolution video. The camera features a range of professional settings such as live colour filters and exposure control. It is the company's only smartphone to come with dual-colour flash that enables better colour balancing to deliver more natural and realistic photos, even in low light conditions.

Following are the details about different methods you can record videos on your Priv.

How to record video on Priv with front facing camera

  • Open the Camera app, then tap Mode, then Video option
  • You may zoom in or zoom out by sliding your fingers on the touchscreen
  • To turn on/off the video light, tap the light icon located at the top left corner of the screen
  • To access the recording settings, tap the three dot menu to open the Settings
  • Tap the video icon to start recording. To take a photo while recording just tap the photo icon. Note that you can start and stop recording using the Volume key too
  • Top stop recording, click on the square icon on the screen

Once you have captured a video, head over to preferred Photos/Video to view recording. Alternatively, use Peek option.

To record video in slow-motion

You can record slow-motion video with the camera.

  • Launch the Camera app then tap Mode and then slow motion video option that is indicated with an icon of three circles
  • Tap the slow-motion video button in the centre of the screen to start recording
  • To stop recording, click the square-sized button

To customise the frame rate of your video camera

You can modify the frame rates and quality of your Priv's video depending on what type of scene you want to capture. For action shots, 60 frames per second (fps) is considered to be the best choice, whereas 30fps for professional-looking videos and 24 fps is better for film-like videos. In addition to that, you can change the video resolution; may be 4k, 1080p or 720p.

  • Tap the three dot menu at the top right corner of your phone's screen, then Settings
  • Navigate to Video Resolutions/Frame rates option, then tap the box next to it to see the dropdown menu
  • Tap Video Resolution/Frame Rate of your choice. Note that for 4k video, use 24 or 30fps only
  • To reduce shakiness in the recording, enable Enhanced Video Stabilisation option
  • Add Grid Lines to your camera. The option allows to frame videos more effectively

How to check videos

To view your latest video, tap and hold the thumbnail of it appearing at the bottom of the screen. While pressing your finger on the thumbnail, drag your finger to the embed option to share the video or the Delete icon to delete it.

To share video

There are a couple of ways for sharing videos on the Priv:

  • Go to the Photos app, tap the video you want to share and then tap the Share icon
  • Or, from the camera app, hold your finger over the thumbnail and then drag it to the Share icon.