Blacklist season 3 episode 2
Elizabeth Keen\'s life will be in trouble in Blacklist season 3 episode 2 NBC

A dangerous game of Russian roulette awaits FBI agent-turned-fugitive Elizabeth Keen in the upcoming episode of Blacklist season 3. Episode 2 is titled Marvin Gerard, where Liz's life is in danger, and Red seeks help from a new lawyer to get them out of a sticky hostage situation.

The official synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

Season 3 premiered with Ressler and his team trying to hunt down Elizabeth Keen, as she tries to get out of Washington DC with Red Reddington. With help from The Troll Farmer, Red is able to create a diversion for the FBI, but Ressler is too smart to fall for it.

After Red realises there is a good possibility of her capture, he makes a deal with Ressler. Red will give the name of a blacklister in exchange for the agent's word that he will give the benefit of doubt to Liz if he manages to capture her.

The cat and mouse chase ends when Liz, pursued by Ressler, climbs over the gate of the Russian embassy and declares, "Help, my name is Masha Rostova. I am a Russian agent. I work for the FSB, and I am seeking diplomatic immunity."

A new promo for the upcoming episode shows an FBI agent telling Ressler, "That fence is a border. Crossing it amounts to armed invasion." The voice-over declares, "She wants asylum, but what she'll get is a game of Russian Roulette." We also hear Red telling Ressler, "The second she gets into the place, she is dead." We then hear a car crash and Ressler shouting, "Keen." Do not miss the upcoming episode of The Blacklist that airs on Thursday 8 October at 9pm EST on NBC.