Blacklist season 3 episode 9
The Blacklist season 3 episode 9 promotional pictures shows Elizabeth Keen in a box with FBI agent Aram Mojtabai and Peter Kotsiopulos (who works for Cabal) NBC

The Blacklist returns with its midseason premiere episode where Elizabeth Keen is being threatened by Cabal. Episode 9 of season 3 is titled, The Director Part 1, which will air on 7 January at 9pm EST on NBC Network.

The official synopsis of the episode reads: "While Liz (Megan Boone) awaits trial Red (James Spader) and Aram (Amir Arison) take bold measures to ensure her protection."

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Raymond Reddington (played by James Spader) will do anything in his powers to save Liz, whose life is hanging by a thread. Judging by the promotional images Red, will team up with Aram Mojtabai to ensure Liz's safety. According to the latest promo (video below), Liz is seen laying down in her jail, as agent Donald Ressler shows up with his team. Liz tells her former partner, "Just so you know, I am not ashamed of what I did."

Ressler then says, "You shot the Attorney General of the United States. He was unarmed..." But Liz points out that he was a terrorist and tells him, "I am glad you have your convictions. I just don't want to die for them."

Then we see Cabal members Peter Kotsiopulos and National security adviser Laurel Hitchens talking about how to stop Liz from reaching the Courthouse. Hitchens says, "You said she will never get caught?" Peter replies, "I will arrange her transfer to CIA custody."

However, Hitchens points out that it will not be easy, as there are ample of safety measures in place. She goes on to explain Keen's tight security procedure to the federal courthouse for a closed hearing. Peter then asks, "How much time do we have?" Hitchens explains that they have less than three hours and warns Peter, "If she tells her story in open court then..." Peter cuts her off and says, "She won't."

Hitchens the says, "It's time for you to close the book on Elizabeth Keen." Peter retorts, "Three hours to make one women go away. We have collapsed entire Governments in less time." Following which, Ressler is taking Keen to the court amidst tight security.

So what do you think, will Liz make to the court alive? Guess all the drama will unfold, when The Director Part 1 is aired.