CBS's hit drama Limitless will go on a week-long hiatus and return with an all new episode on 19 January at 10pm EST. In episode 13 titled Stop Me Before I Hug Again, Brian Finch will try to stay one step ahead of Rebecca Harris as she comes closer to discovering Senator Eddie Morra's connection to NZT.

The official synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

Brian embarks on his first FBI field assignment when he travels to Quantico to lend his skills to the bureau unit that catches serial killers. However, the trip takes a negative turn when Brian realizes the man he's working with may have put away an innocent person in the career-making case that made him a renowned profiler. Also, Brian tries to stay one step ahead of Rebecca as she comes closer to discovering Senator Morra's connection to NZT.

In the midseason premiere, Bradley Cooper returned as Morra and survived an assassination attempt, thanks to NZT. But with the FBI handling the case, Rebecca (Jennifer Carpenter) seems to be putting together that Morra's successful run as senator may have something to do with the NZT drug. This is bad news for Brian, as it is his job to keep the bureau off the senator's case.

Actor Jake McDorman (Brian) in an interview with TV Insider said Rebecca is wandering into a minefield. McDorman said: "It's scary, because Rebecca is wandering into such a minefield, unknowingly. She's just doing her job, and she's great at her job, and she's a passionate agent. I don't necessarily think she [knows the other pieces]... other than the fact that NZT is involved; I think that's what's scary."

When asked if she will share the suspicions with Brian, the actor pointed out: "Brian's not her partner; he's a consultant. She doesn't have any obligation to divulge any of the theories she's been coming up with about the senator's involvement in NZT if it doesn't involve Brian."

Rebecca is close to finding out the link between Morra and NZT that is scary for Brian, according to McDorman. He explained: "That's something that starts to get really scary for Brian: she's moving in a direction he knows is dangerous, and he's not really privy to all of the information."

The 29-year-old actor teased: "She's just connecting the dots as she does, and as she does well. This is the first time the question is said out loud: 'What if the senator is on NZT?' That is the big red button of the entire show; Brian's sole purpose, his involvement with the senator, is to make sure those things don't get connected by the FBI. Now the person closest to him is starting to bark up the tree."