Season 9 of The Big Bang Theory returns after its winter break on 7 January at 8pm EST on CBS. The upcoming episode is titled, The Sales Call Sublimation, where Penny will force Leonard to meet a psychiatrist.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead

The official synopsis of episode 12 reads:

Penny gets more than she bargained for when Leonard agrees to meet with a psychiatrist (Jane Kaczmarek) on her behalf. Also, Sheldon and Koothrappali collaborate on an astronomical discovery, and Wolowitz and Bernadette can't believe what they are feeling after Stuart moves out, on The Big Bang Theory.

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The latest promo of episode 12 shows Leonard and Penny at a clinic. The couple then meet a therapist and complain about Sheldon. CBS has released three promotional videos for the upcoming episode. The first sneak-peek opens with Sheldon declaring that since Amy is at a conference this weekend, he is available to be "entertained". He is seen asking Howard, Leonard and Rajesh, "Who wants to get their Sheld'on'?"

Although Howard and Leonard show least interest, Rajesh mentions that he is scanning for solar planets and invites him to tag along. According to a leaked report, the two will end up discovering a small asteroid.

Another preview shows Leonard attending a therapy session. Leonard enters Dr Gallo's room and thanks her for seeing him at such short notice. The doctor, however, asks him, "Are you related to Dr Beverly Hofstadter?" To which Leonard replies, "She is my mother."

The therapist says that she has read all of Hofstator books and that she does not agree to her theories on child rearing at all. Leonard then says, "Any chance you find them cold, cruel and unsuitable for innocent little boys who just want to be happy?" After which, doctor Gallo points out that he has anger towards his mother.

In the third promo, Leonard is seen returning home and Penny asks him how was his session with doctor Gallo. He says, "Dr Gallo is terrific. I have always been insecure that no one cared about what I have to say." Penny immediately cuts him off and asks, "Did she help me out or not?"

Leonard replies that after they talked about his mother's issues, he told her about the drugs and that the doctor will be happy to meet her. Penny exclaims, "Really? you are the best husband ever!"