the blacklist season 3
The Blacklist season 3 will find Red and Liz on the run from FBI NBC

The Blacklist season 3 will further develop the relationship between Red Reddington (Red) and Elizabeth Keen (Liz), as they are both on the run from the law after the FBI agent shot the corrupt Attorney General Tom Connolly in season 2 finale. According to series creator Jon Bokenkamp the season 3 premiere feels like pilot episode and talks about Red and Liz's new dynamic in an interview with TV Line.

The Season 3 premiere "feels like a pilot in and of itself", admits Jon Bokenkamp. "There's a really strange and powerful dynamic that [Red and Liz] have. Their resources are so incredible, and they complement each other in a really nice way."

Executive producer John Eisendrath says that although third season will still feature "quirky, weird" blacklisters in each episode, "The hunt for Red and Liz… is a slightly more serialized story than we've told in the past."

The producer warns that the viewers shouldn't concrete answers about Liz and Red's relationship in the early episode. "In the course of 22 episodes, we will of course give more answers about the past. But at the moment the season opens, we are focused entirely on the present," Eisendrath clarifies.

The Season 2 finale of The Blacklist also saw Tom Keen sailing away into the sunset, but now that his estranged wife, Liz Keen is a fugitive, will he return in Season 3 to help her?

According to Bokenkamp, Tom Keen has basically switched places with Liz. "Tom has been cleared and Liz is now a fugitive on the run," EP Jon Bokenkamp dishes to Entertainment Weekly.

The producer explained, "They're completely flipped in who they are and almost also in the way they approach the situation — she's now feeling the desperation of being a criminal and trying to operate in the shadows, and he's trying to come clean and trying to redeem himself in her eyes. Tom was sailing off to white sands and blue beaches and felt it was over.

"What he doesn't know is she assassinated the Attorney General of the United States. When he catches wind of this, he'll have something to say about it and will not want to sit back,"Jon adds.

The Blacklist season 3 returns 1 October on NBC.