Blizzard Overwatch Hands-on
Overwatch's Tracer Blizzard

Developer Blizzard Entertainment has reportedly had some help from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 developer, Treyarch. While developing its highly anticipated fast-paced first-person shooter Overwatch – the studio's first real venture into the FPS genre and its first time launching a new game simultaneously across PC and consoles – Blizzard wanted to make sure its aim assist mechanics were on point.

Overwatch's game director Aaron Keller told Games Radar that the FPS veteran was "really helpful" with the game's aim assist feature on controllers – a game mechanic the Black Ops team is obviously well versed with. "We actually worked with some of the Treyarch guys to make sure our aim assist [on controllers] felt really good, they were really helpful," Keller said.

He added that this is not the first time they have turned to other studios for help or to lend a helping hand. "We collaborate with the Destiny team, when they were building Destiny they wanted to talk to some of the people at World of Warcraft to see how they made some of their content," Keller explained.

"And we've gone to Treyarch a number of times and talked to them, whether it's about some of their guts of the engine features, or whether it's about tuning changes. And they've come out and looked at some of our stuff, too."

Overwatch's game director added that Blizzard aims to "have as much parity as possible" across all of Overwatch's platforms, which means fans can expect to see the game's PS4, Xbox One and PC versions with similar features and updates.

Blizzard's Overwatch is slated for release on 24 May for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Players who pre-order the title by 29 April will have early access to the beta – from 3 and 4 May. An open multiplayer beta will kick off between 5 and 9 May.