Bitcoin apps on Google Play Store.
Bitcoin apps on Google Play Store .

Apple's removal of bitcoin wallet app Blockchain, the last of its kind, from its app stores has disappointed a number of bitcoin fans, who currently plan to ditch Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad.

A bitcoin wallet enables users to send and receive bitcoins, and is vital for anyone who deals with bitcoin.

Many bitcoin fans are shopping for new phones following the ban, according to Bloomberg. Meanwhile, several people uploaded videos online destroying their iPhones in extreme measures to show their displeasure.

Following the removal of the Blockchain app, iPhone and iPad users do not have any bitcoin wallet options for their devices at present, making it impossible for them to pay for goods and services via bitcoin.

Apple said the removal was due to "an unresolved issue", but it did not explain further or give any opportunity to address issues.

The iPhone maker had earlier removed bitcoin wallet apps Coinbase and CoinJar and forced encrypted messaging app Gliph to remove its bitcoin sending option.

Blockchain app was available on the Apple app store for more than two years, and was downloaded over 120,000 times.

Apple also removed the desktop version of the App from its Mac app store.

Chance for Google

In a response, Blockchain criticised Apple, saying it has no concern for users' needs.

"These actions by Apple once again demonstrate the anti-competitive and capricious nature of the App Store policies that are clearly focused on preserving Apple's monopoly on payments rather than based on any consideration of the needs and desires of their users," the company said in its blog.

"By removing the blockchain app, the only bitcoin wallet application on the App store, Apple has eliminated competition using their monopolistic position in the market in a heavy handed manner."

Meanwhile, Blockchain praised Apple's rival Google and its Android platform for being more open to bitcoin apps, despite competition. In contrast to Apple store, Google's play store allows users to download a good number of bitcoin related applications.

Apple's move is largely expected to result in an exodus of bitcoin fans from the iOS platform to Google's Android.