Six bodies of teenagers were discovered on Sunday (29 January) in a garden shed in the Bavarian town of Arnstein in central Germany. Police suspect they might have died of carbon monoxide poisoning as they found a woodstove in the shed.

The youngsters aged between 18 and 19, were partying at the shed the night before, the father of two teens — a girl and a boy — who were among the dead told the police. He discovered the bodies when he went in search of his children on Sunday morning.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident and are awaiting post-mortem results to ascertain the cause of death. Police initially saw it as a case of drug overdose, but based on the presence of the woodstove in the shed, they suspected carbon monoxide could have been the cause of death. They have ruled out violent crime as the cause of the tragic incident

"It remains unclear what led to the death of the six people, but police said there were no indications of any violent crime," Deutsche Welle quoted the police as saying.