After the slow-motion plane crash that was 2011, Research in Motion feels that 2012 is the year to turn its BlackBerry brand around, and a team of cartoon superheroes is - apparently - the answer.

The Bold Team promise to bring BlackBerry a "better, bolder 2012" and in doing so suggest that the brand is well and truly giving up on the corporate market, instead focusing on the younger consumer sector.

"On New Year's Eve, BlackBerry took over Times Square for the biggest New Year's Eve party in the USA and asked how you planned to #BeBold in 2012," an info graphic by RIM states.

The Bold Team
Credit: RIM

Continuing: "Four Bold characters emerged from your #BeBold resolution - all are bravely stepping out of 2011 and into 2012 filled with unlimited possibilities."

The Bold Team, which comprises of four masked cartoon superheroes in capes called Gogo Girl, Max Stone, Justin Steele and Trudy Foreal.

Sadly, this marketing campaign truly is 'Foreal', despite it resembling an April Fool's Day prank and departing from the original BlackBerry brand in directions we didn't think were possible.

At least nobody can say that BlackBerry itself isn't being outlandishly, unashamedly, almost unbearably bold.