"Borderlands 3" is quickly becoming a best-selling title published by 2K Games. The highly-anticipated follow-up to the popular first-person shooter franchise launched a few weeks ago and its already exceeding sales expectations. The publisher reveals a staggering five million copies sold barely a week after its September 13 launch. It seems that gamers still cannot get enough of the loot-heavy gameplay the sequel offers.

Furthermore, the game is apparently hitting more milestones along the way. According to 2K Games, 70 percent of the sales came from digital versions of the game. Additionally, it outsold "Borderlands 2" by 50 percent in the same five-day period after its release.

According to reports, the publisher wants "Borderlands 3" to do even better than its predecessors. Up to this point, initial sales figures are probably a good indication of the title reaching its target.

Forbes believes the goal is achievable, but it might take a while for it to surpass those numbers. Prior to its launch, PC gamers were voicing concern over "Borderlands 3" being an Epic Store exclusive. It is speculated that Gearbox Software intentionally went with the storefront for the lucrative benefits that comes with the territory. Nevertheless, pre-order numbers for the PC version were still quite high despite the issue.

Majority of critics gave the new "Borderlands" sequel a good score, while others pointed out its flaws. Fans of the shooter genre will likely have fun playing the game solo or with friends. The developer understands what its core players want and gave a little extra. September also marks the release of "Destiny 2: Shadowkeep" DLC, which could have affected sales, but the numbers indicate otherwise.

As far as DLC goes, Paul Sage, Gearbox Software director confirms that new characters are not in the pipeline as reported by Screen Rant. Data collected from previous installments reveal that players normally stick with a single character throughout the game. After investing hours with one the protagonists, they rarely switch or start a new campaign with the other heroes.

"Borderlands 3" takes a different approach and offers more ways to customise skills. Thus, gamers can tweak everything to suit their play style.

Borderlands 3 Psycho
Psycho bandits have been the cover-stars for the Borderlands series. 2K Games