A Boston pastor has been arrested and charged with drug trafficking offences after police found a large stash of drugs and wads of cash at his residence and church.

Willie Wilkerson, 58, of Dorchester, was detained on Tuesday (2 May) after officers seized 34g of crack cocaine, batches of prescription drugs and around $10,400 in cash.

Also discovered in the search was 11g of fentanyl, a deadly opioid used by drug dealers as a heroin cutting agent that has been blamed for a significant number of deaths in the United States.

Furthermore, investigators said they found property recently reported stolen in a breaking and entering incident, as well as items belonging to an excavating company. The total value of these items was approximately $20,000.

The search warrants were carried out at Wilkerson's home in Baker Avenue and at the Mission Church and Victoria's Kitchen Food Trailer in Quincy Street, of which he is the pastor and owner.

Among the services at that church is a 12-step substance abuse recovery group.

The police say the prescription drugs found were: 50 Percocet pills, an opioid painkiller with similar effects to heroin and morphine; 87 Suboxone strips, a medication prescribed for recovery from opiate addiction; and 32 Klonopin pills, another addictive prescription drug used to treat anxiety.

Wilkerson was charged with Trafficking Class B Drugs, Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B Drugs, and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class C Drugs.

Boston Police said they are still investigating, and that Wilkerson may face additional charges. He will be arraigned on Wednesday in Roxbury District Court, police said.