Melania Trump has got conspiracy theorists and gossipers excited after she favourited a tweet which suggested her marriage to the US President is not a happy one. Melania Trump's personal and verified Twitter account (@MELANIATRUMP) liked a tweet saying the only wall Donald Trump has built was a wall between him and his wife.

The tweet by blogger Andy Ostroy featured a GIF of the the much publicised 'frown' that the First Lady pulled after Trump turned to face her during his inauguration on 20 January.

The moment, seen across the world one day after the couple celebrated their 12-year anniversary, prompted the #freeMelania hashtag on Twitter, with social media pundits now suggesting the favourite from Trump is another "cry for help".

Ostroy originally didn't believe the First Lady had liked the tweet, posting a screengrab along with the caption "I suspect this isn't a real account for @flotus...".

It was only the second time a tweet had been liked by the @MELANIATRUMP account, with the first being one from herself in 2012 saying hello to Twitter users after she had joined.

The favourite was even more unusual considering the account hasn't tweeted since 8 November, the day of the US presidential election. Since she became First Lady, Trump has been tweeting from the official @Flotus account.

The suggestion Melania Trump may have accidentally liked the tweet – or that it was done by a heavy fingered staffer who may have control of her social media account – could be a more likely reason than her signalling for help.

Either way, the account soon removed both of the likes from the account.