I just sat at the corner of Jackman & Alexis sobbing my eyes out. A car of 3 teenage boys pulled in to the gas station,...

Posted by Jenna Steele on Sunday, February 25, 2018

It's funny how just a small act of kindness can brighten up your day. Ohio resident Jenna Steele was driving her car in Toledo on Sunday (25 February) when she noticed three young boys get out of their parked car to talk to a local homeless man begging across the street.

Following a brief conversation, she was amazed to witness the group open up their wallets and give the man some money. Steele posted a picture of the touching encounter to her Facebook page and wrote:

"I just sat at the corner of Jackman & Alexis sobbing my eyes out. A car of three teenage boys pulled in to the gas station, parked their car, they all got out and one by one took their wallets out and handed this homeless man some cash. They then shook his hand and went on their way.

"Let's stop giving attention to the youth that do these horrible acts and start giving attention to THESE kind of kids. Maybe we will start a new kindness trend & make kids famous for these kind of things," she said.

Her post has gone viral, notching up and incredible 66,000 shares and over 59,000 likes at time of writing.

Commenters have praised the the boy's kind actions and said more must be done to commend such acts of kindness in the world.

Heather ShibleDuVallc said: "I love this! Way to go boys. Thank you Jenna for sharing. I am sure these boys never expected to be recognized for this, but I am so glad they are."

"I still believe there are a lot of good kids out there, they just aren't publicized. Great job guys! Spreading the word just gives more people ideas on how to help," said another commenter.

The boys have even been recognised and have been named as local students Isaac Reed, Zach Renaud and Deshaun Wood who attend nearby Whiteford Agricultural School. They had been recording a video for YouTube where they record their acts of generosity.

Ms Steele said the boys had even been in touch to thank her for their new-found internet fame.

Jenna Steele said: "I was so happy to of seen it and even more happy to be contacted by two of the boys and them thanking ME. For what?! I didn't do anything. They just wanted to thank me for spreading the positivity further. Wow! THAT is how I choose to look at our youth. Amazing young men! Thank you for being the light in this sometimes ugly world."